Youth Organization Camping

Youth organizations provide many activities for children and teens of all ages. Common activities can include fund-raising, volunteer work or outdoor trips like hiking, camping and fishing. We have all seen the car wash along the road side or bake sales to raise money for worthy causes, but recreational activities bring fun and relaxation for the kids who worked so hard to raise money.

A volunteer project is limitless in ideas, such as painting a home for the elderly, cleaning up a parking lot, adopting a family in need, planting trees and flowers or helping children in difficult home situations. Gather everyone and brainstorm on ways to give back to the community. Just a few adults is all that is needed to help guide the organization with the planning and execution of the volunteer project.

A fundraiser can provide the much needed funds for volunteer projects and the recreational activities the kids will need after doing their volunteer work. Consider what is needed to complete the projects at hand, get to work brainstorming ways to accumulate the funds necessary for your chosen projects.

Easy fundraisers like bake sales, car washes, babysitting services and garage sales can be done at your local community center or church. Check with local business for free advertising or donations for sales. Lend credibility to the fundraiser by showing the community what you plan to do with the money or donations generated. People will be more likely to donate if they know how the money will be used.

After the kids have worked hard and completed all their volunteer projects, it’s time to reward them with something special. One of the best ways is to give them a few days of recreation. Gathering all volunteers for a camping trip where they can relax and enjoy nature is a fantastic idea. Rewarding the kids with a few nights sleeping under the stars, having bar-b-ques, maybe a little hiking or fishing and the kids will receive an experience that will last a lifetime.

Reward your youth organization members with working knowledge and the experience of helping others in need.

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