Wise Foods Now Available

Wise Foods, a provider of freeze dried food storage products for families, schools, and law enforcement interested in emergency preparedness, is now offered as an addition to their existing inventory. PracticalSports.com is a leading distributor in emergency supplies, camping gear and hunting accessories. We are pleased to have the Wise Food available for long term storage needs.

Ron Tabor, President of Practical Sports said: “Wise Foods has a well earned reputation for delivering high-quality freeze dried preparedness foods packaged for long term storage. We are pleased to offer their products to our valued customers.”

Wise Foods Company, along with other major food manufactures, takes an innovative approach to providing simple and affordable food options. Purchasing freeze-dried and dehydrated meals for emergency and outdoor use is smart and economical. The decision to offer Wise Food products to our current customer base was an easy decision, Ron further stated, “We must supply the best to our customers, and Wise was indeed a wise choice for us. Our growth has been very good with Wise Foods and we look forward to continued support from Wise and to our customers.”

In addition to emergency foods from Wise Foods, we also offers flashlights, lanterns, first-aid kits, camping gear and hunting accessories. Practical Sports is pleased to have Wise Foods Company joined with our already large list of quality, name-brand food items. Check out all of our freeze dried foods for your emergency needs.

FEMA recommends having at least three days worth of supplies available at all times, but as we have seen with emergencies like Hurricane Katrina, just three days worth of supplies may not be enough. Be prepared, store foods correctly, have ample supplies available to weather even the worst of emergencies. Practical Sports is available 24 hours a day to supply you with the food and supplies you need to survive.

PracticalSports.com offers a wide range of emergency preparedness items such as long term food, survival gear, camping tents and hunting gear. Based in Dallas, Texas, Practical Sports sells and distributes well know name brand products for outdoor enjoyment and emergency preparedness. PracticalSports.com was founded by Ron Tabor in 2007 to supply campers with the best products available. Ron has also achieved great success with the home furnishing store, Rooms Delivered.