Wise Foods endorsed by Mykle Hawke

Wise Foods is now endorsed by Mykle Hawke & Ruth England. Together, these two have showcased survival skills for use in emergency situations. With a highly rated TV show called Man, Woman, Wild, both Mykle & Ruth took on many adventurous tasks showing how to best survive during hard times. Most of us will never need to know these skill, but there may come a time when you endure hardships. Super Storm Sandy, Hurricane Kitrina or even a very bad snow storm could keep you trapped in your home. Having the proper tools to make your way through this is very important, and having a good stock of emergency foods by >Wise Foods is just one of them.

FEMA recommends to have at least a 3 day supply of food stored for such emergencies. With out power, refrigerated food will spoil rapidly. Having Wise food buckets and stored water endures you never go hungry.