Why Freeze Dried Food Is The Ideal Camping Food

Campers who purchase food prepared by this method can benefit in many ways.

People who enjoy camping and hiking will often pack freeze dried foods with their supplies because they are lightweight, easy to carry and can provide the nutrition needed when exploring the great outdoors. These food products are processed in a way that allows them to remain edible for as long as 25 years when the package is left intact.

Even after processing, the food retains its texture, aroma, shape, flavor and nutritional value. After the package is opened, the contents will last up to a year if proper storage techniques are used. Wise Foods and Survivalcave are two companies that supply camping food at a discount through a variety of online retailers.

The Preservation Process

The freeze drying process can be used for cooked and fresh food items. A vacuum chamber is used to flash freeze the foods at a temperature as low as -50F. The ice crystals are evaporated using low heat in a process called sublimation. This removes most of the moisture from the food and allows for safe long term storage without the loss of vitamins and other nutrients.

Advantages of Taking Freeze Dried Foods on Camping Trips

Freeze Dried Food is Portable

Food is available in small packages that are easy to pack and do not take up a lot of room. Campers can store more supplies in the same place and the food does not add a lot of extra weight to their gear.

Freeze Dried Food is Nutritious

This preservation method allows the food to retain its nutritional method, unlike other methods like dehydrating and canning. Many campers will avoid packing fresh foods because they are bulky and will not last long. With a freeze dried diet, campers get all the nutrition they need without sacrificing taste and there is no need to take a lot of diet supplements.

Freeze Dried is Easy to Prepare

Preparing freeze dried foods is simple and quick. Users add heated water to the packet, wait approximately twelve minutes and the meal is ready to eat. There is no special equipment needed for cooking and preparing food is possible even under the harshest conditions.

Freeze Dried Food is Affordable

Food packets are affordable and available in packages that contain various serving amounts. Survivalcave offers food packages at deep discounts to consumers. Wise offers packages of food that will last a certain number of days. Most freeze dried food products are even less expensive when the consumer buys them in bulk orders. Since they will last for several years, it is possible to stock up without worrying about waste.

Wide Variety of Foods Available

Many food items can be prepared with this preservation method. Campers can choose from a variety of items to avoid getting bored with their meals. There are some items that cannot be freeze dried but the variety of available foods makes it possible for campers to get a balanced and nutritious diet even when they are miles away from civilization.