What is a Screen Gazebo?

A screened gazebo or screen house is a screened enclosure usually used for camping, picnics or outdoor parties. These gazebos feature some sort of metal frame made from steel or aluminum and can be set up like a normal camping tent. The screened gazebo or screen house is an occasionally overlooked item that can dramatically add to the enjoyment of your camping trip or picnic. Having a full 360 degree view of your surroundings can add enjoyment to your outdoor activities while keeping your family bug free. If you don’t currently use a screened gazebo, you may become excited about the benefits these affordable screen houses can deliver.

Several types of screened gazebos are available in shapes such as square, rectangle and octagon. Choosing the correct style for your needs is simple, thinking about what you will do with your screen tent will help make the correct choice. Will you be using this for eating?, relaxing? or extra space at a party? If a eating area is you primary objective, you will need to know the size of the area around your table and chairs. Add at least 1 foot extra around all sides for access. You should also take into consideration other gear which may be used or stored inside your tent like coolers, serving tables or camping gear.

Their are many types of fabrics available for a screen gazebo, most common are nylon, polyester and canvas. The basic gazebo generally comes with some type of screened walls, but some are also available with side curtains that can also be used as awnings. With a high quality gazebo, like those manufactured by Eureka!, have tough nylon fabrics. These are lightweight, have UV and waterproof coatings to provide years of use. Some people will prefer the durability of cotton canvas. Canvas is usually heavier and also will come with UV and waterproof coatings. Screen gazebos with the side curtain option can even be used as a camping tent in mild weather conditions.

Picking a screen fabric is also very important, standard screen mesh and no-see-um mesh are available choices. Standard mesh will keep out most insects like June bugs, flies and large mosquitoes. A no-see-um mesh will be impervious to all bugs. Screen material is made from nylon and is is treated to prevent premature deterioration.

There are several other types of gazebos or screened tents, such as those for the garden and large events. However, these usually do not provide the portability of the lighter weight personal gazebos.

Now that you have an idea as to the different styles and designs of a portable gazebos, you see how they add so much to your outdoor recreation and camping enjoyment. Their are many obvious benefits to the personal gazebo, why not consider adding one to your outdoor gear?