Ways to use a canopy

The many uses of a canopy

At one time or another, just about everyone has seen or used a canopy. These sun shades are used all over the world for protection from the sun or light rain. Through out this article we will discover many uses for these wonderful products.

At the campsite, a canopy can be used for several purposes. A shade area for relaxing on your camp furniture or hammock. Placed over a picnic table or cooking area. Canopies can even be placed over smaller tents to help keep them cool.

A canopy or party tent can be a great addition to any outdoor party. Canopies can provide protection over your food and cooking area. Maybe your serving beverages and this will keep the area shaded to help minimize ice melting and your beverages cooler.

Outdoor weddings have utilized canopies for many years providing shelter for your guest and the bride and groom. These also provide areas for food and beverage for the celebration before or afterwards.

Business and Trade Shows:
Your company probably has a canopy they use for special occasions, trade fairs, speeches and information booths. A canopy can easily have your companies logo screen printed on the outside for brand recognition or identification.

How to choose a Canopy:

#1. Decide what purposes you will be using your Canopy:
Camping, parties, fishing, weddings, business….

#2. Calculate the size needed:
Will you have a table, chairs or just standing room. A general rule of thumb is about 8 square feet of space to move around comfortably. Large outdoor events may require the larger party tents.

#3. What type of fabric is best for you:
Canopies come with different fabrics such as Nylon (most popular), Canvas and Vinyl. Canvas canopies are probably the most durable and heavy, Vinyl are completely waterproof, but do not like to be folded repeatedly, Nylon canopy tops are treated to shed water, can withstand repeated folding without too much trouble.

We hope this has provided some valuable information on your quest to purchase a canopy.