Using Screen Tents and your RV

Standalone screen tents are the perfect choice for outside recreation while traveling by RV. Saving yourself and family from the on-slot of insects, like flies and mosquitoes, is indispensable for camping or traveling in a Recreational Vehicle.

While vacationing, one of the biggest challenges is created by insects. We all know how worrisome these little pest can be. As the name suggests, these tents have mesh screen to keep the insects at bay. Some are available with mosquitoes netting, while other feature no-see-um mesh for the ultimate in bug protection.

One of the biggest advantages about a screen tent is it’s size, a perfect place for a picnic table, chairs and plenty of room for side serving tables. After meals, tables can be removed to allow ample space for relaxation under the shade. Most tents are very easy to assemble and easy to carry due to their low weight.

A lot of families travel with a pop up canopy to provide shade when eating, why not try a screen tent instead. A screen tent provides the same shade as a canopy, fully screened sides and some models even come equipped with side curtains that can double as awnings or zipped closed like a standard tent. The added protections available will aid your enjoyment of a well planned trip.