Using a Screen Tent at the Beach

Warm sunny days, light breezes and blue skies call for a trip to the beach. Whether it is by the lake or the ocean, or even your favorite riverside picnic site, a screen house can be a welcome addition to the day. The sand and soil at waterside sites are often loose or uneven. This is not a problem. Heavy-duty steel stakes and guy ropes securely anchor it for stability. It often doesn’t make sense to have a floor. It will collect the sand and dirt, making it more of a hassle than a convenience.

Many screen tents, gazebos, and arbors have the option to use them or not. Any time there is food, bugs are sure to make an entrance. Tightly woven mesh walls prevent even the tiniest bugs from coming through. When all awnings are open, flaps rolled up and chairs set up inside, you can enjoy the sunset without the buzzing and itching of the “no-see-um’s”. If your day at the beach means changing in public areas, multiple bottles of sunscreen, coolers, towels, toys, etc, consider a sun shade. They are lightweight and compact for easy storage and can be ready to use in seconds.

Mesh windows and air vents let the breeze in. The UV coated nylon protects from the sun’s harmful rays and provides privacy. Many models have interior storage pockets for all of the bottles, tubes, books and magazines. Sand pockets and pegs help stabilize it against sudden gusts. These floor-less screen tents provide sun protection, but still let the kids play in the sand. Has your day at the beach turned into a day trip hiking? Sun shades are the perfect shelter. They are small enough to fit into a backpack. Telescoping poles aluminum poles and nylon or polyester mesh shelters are easily assembled and provide protection and privacy.

Most screened shelters are lightweight and come with their own duffel style carry bag. Keep one with the camping equipment to make sure you are prepared for any situation, whether that means shelter on stormy days or extra space for more campers. Just because you are camping doesn’t’ mean you need to be uncomfortable. Tents with built in 12-volt power plugs, convertible shelters and weatherproof covers mean that no matter what the conditions, you can be protected and comfortable, day or night.