Top Five Reasons to Consider a Canopy Tent

Some may consider screen tents and canopies as a luxury accessory that not everyone needs. Canopy tents can be a benefit to many campers and those that love outdoor activities. Here is just a few ways these screened accessories can be a major benefit to you.

1. Bugs: A bug free zone can bring much needed relief to the modern day outdoors person. With so many styles of screened tents available, your sure to locate just the right screened tent for your needs. Having a pleasant night away from gnats, mosquitoes, and no-see-bugs will protect you from an otherwise unpleasant trip. You can comfortably enjoy outdoor dining without flying pests with little effort.

2. Sun: The damaging rays of the sun can be easily controlled with the use of a canopy tent. Some use these special products for camping, picnicking, sporting events, and family gatherings like reunions. Everyone needs a shady place to relax or just decrease the dangers of overexposure from the sun.

3. Rain: No one can control the weather and having a shelter that is easily and quickly set up, can be a lifesaver. A waterproof canopy can be placed over a picnic table or cooking area when having a Bar-B-Que. This can absolutely save the day if you get bad weather around meal time. Canopy tents can even be set up to keep you rain free while pitching your camping tent.

4.Privacy: A large array of screened canopies are available on the market today. Features on some models include side curtains on each side of the tent. Curtains can be left down for total privacy, extended out with support poles to make awnings for extra shade or rolled up for full air flow. Can even be used as your main tent for warm weather camping.

5.Full View: With a screened canopy, you will always have a full 360 degree view of your surroundings. Unlike a regular camping tents where the wall fabric may obscure your field of vision, you’ll never be without the grand scenes of your panoramic background.