Top 3 Reasons To Go Camping Now!

Having a family camping trip can be both healthy and life invigorating. One of the main reasons for a outing such as camping, is relaxing. But camping can be so much more.


1. Fresh Clean Air

Being outdoors in city environments can be very unhealthy. The massive amounts of pollutants from cars, factories and power plants all contribute to this unhealthy environment. Trees are the number one air filters of nature.

Being out away from major cities and into wooded areas can mean much fresher air to breathe, thus much healthier for you. If you have allergies or pollen does bother you, be sure to bring all medications or pick up some over the counter allergy relief pills.


2. Exercise

Although a little exercise is obtained by setting up camp, many more activities are available while camping. Most things you do for exercise while at home, can also be done while camping. Bike rides can stimulate your body and provide a good workout. Canoe trips are excellent exercise as is backpacking or hiking trips.

Many outdoor games are available, like football, basketball or horseshoes. Easy and compact to carry with you on your trip. Some campgrounds will have rental offices where you can get bikes, canoes and hiking equipment. Some offer convenience stores where outdoor games or toys will be available.

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3. Relaxation

If you have worked hard and just need to rest, this is available too. Be sure to bring along all necessary equipment for a rest full stay. A comfortable sleeping bag, padded cot or air mattress for sleeping is a must.

A reclining chair for day time naps or reading under the shade tree. Some other things you may want to consider are small electric fans, plenty of water and juice drinks, and a >camp stove for meals.

Go out and have a good time with your family and friends, camping is a great way to enjoy life and the great outdoors.