Tips For Camping In The Rain

After waiting for the entire winter finally everything is booked and the countdown begun for that greatly anticipated holiday. Everything is so exciting and looked forward to when the weather report comes in and suddenly those great feelings begin to dissipate.

The thoughts of eating that charcoal grilled food while enjoying some wine around the camp fire have fled. They have been replaced with those of having to try and lay in a wet sleeping bag while already being completely wet from head to toe complements of the driving wind and rain that has not ceased all day. This truly wasn’t the plan one had made for themselves.

Dealing With The Wet Side

The first thing one should be making certain to include in their planning even if the trip is planned for midsummer is to include packing their waterproofs and wellies when they are preparing themselves. So many in the past have ignored doing this and found themselves in a not very comfortable spot or having to cut their holiday short.

No matter what the non-camping enthusiasts say or think regarding camping trips, The fact of the matter is that those who take them quickly discover what a liberating and exhilarating feeling comes over them. It really does not take very long to get in touch with nature and enjoy a true sense of freedom and connection to all that is natural and good. If the weather happens to be beautiful it simply enhances all the great feelings. There simply is nothing better than waking in the morning, stepping outside that tent and being completely put at ease by the wonderful silence which surrounds you.

Let’s take a look at some suggestions that might help to make everything flow a bit easier.

Carrier Bags/Bin Bags:

These are of such positive use for a number of things from putting footwear and wet clothes in to keeping all items dry while they are stored in them.


One or more large umbrellas must be included in the packing plans. Having a basic waterproof jacket is a terrific idea. One must make certain they properly dry that jacket should it become wet so it is prepared to go when next called upon. Hanging it inside the tent can work, or folding it carefully and placing it in a bin bag is an alternative. Another must not to be overlooked is making certain to bring along those wellies which have so many great uses and are truly indispensable.

Dry Time:

Whenever the weather is pleasant and dry it is so important to remember to open the tent completely and thoroughly air everything out as best one can. Make certain to also get everything that has been made wet and spread these items out as best as possible so they can dry properly.

Pitching That Makes Sense:

Certainly one should always be looking to pitch on an area that is a bit higher for the area to help avoid having to deal with those puddles on the floor of the tent. Including an extra groundsheet for the flooring will also help to make certain things stay dry on that floor as well. Another great thought that one will appreciate in the middle of the night is to make certain to pitch somewhere close to the toilet block to avoid those long trips in the dark.


One should always remember to take advantage of their car for keeping items dry as well as warming themselves up a bit should the weather turn a little cold. Another valuable asset as long as the campsite allows it is the collapsible gazebo which can be used to advantage when preparing meals.


Packing a few books, a portable DVD player and perhaps even a laptop can all provide whatever diversions one might be seeking in those quiet times they are just relaxing.

One important thing to be kept in mind that sometimes gets overlooked is to remember to NEVER TOUCH THE INSIDE WALLS or have any equipment or bedding pushing up against them.

The bottom line is to keep in mind that this is one’s holiday and they should make certain they do everything they can to savor and enjoy it. The truth is they will be making memories that will last a lifetime and if camping in the rain is a part of them they will smile about it in the future.