Teach Your Child How to Set Up a Play Tent

play tent

There are many different kinds of play tents available for teaching children how to assemble them. Choosing a tent that fits in with your children’s needs is your first step. Be sure the play tent you choose is easy to assemble and comes with ample directions for putting it together. To get your kids acquainted with setting up a play tent, you can always buy a small tent that can be placed in their bedroom or in the backyard.

Extra ground stakes and accessories maybe useful in case one or two get lost or broken. Make sure the tent you choose is durable and can be used inside or outside the home. Water repellents can be used to treat the tent for rainy conditions. Once you have your tent, your ready for training. Choose a suitable area for assembly, your spot should be safe and close to bathrooms, cooking areas, and protected from direct sunlight. Such areas can include, under a shade tree, patio, car port or inside the home.

There are several ways to set up a play tent, every tent will have instructions included to show you step by step how to set it up. Before showing your child how to do assembly, you show go through and setup the tent yourself. After feeling confident about assembly, have your child look at the pictures on the instructions and tell them you what you want them to do. Most instructions will come with pictures as well as written instructions to make assembly easier. Now have your child show you how assembly should take place, children enjoy showing their parents how to do things so this will probably be a lot of fun.

When you have chosen the perfect area to set up the play tent, an area that is level, clean from debris and lots of space, your ready for the action. Let your child layout all the pieces, have them start at setup #1 and progress through the entire instruction until assembly is completed. With the play tent all setup, it’s to play. Let your child enjoy what they have accomplished. After play time is over, let them disassemble the tent and repack or place in a storage bag for later use. Teaching your child this will expand their mind and give them abilities that can be used for the rest of their life.

Main take away points:
Buy a small tent to put up in their bedroom or the backyard.
Assemble the tent and become familiar with the instructions.
Allow your child to instruct you on how to put the tent up.

Check out Amazon, they have a huge selection of play tents available for the kids