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Concentrate on Camping Image

FORGET ALL THE REASONS YOU CAN’T GO CAMPING, CONCENTRATE ON THE REASONS YOU CAN! We all know just how hard it is to get away these days, with work, children and a myriad of other things complicating our life’s. Don’t be intimidated by the negative thoughts running through your head. Going camping is simple, almost […]

Four Camping Activities For the Elderly

This article explores various activities for the elderly while on a camping trip. Seniors who get out and socialize lower their mortality rate, and improve their overall health. Just because you get a little older, does not mean you can not still enjoy life and many outdoor activities. Lets explore four things you can do […]

Plan Carefully Before Going Camping

Any person who loves the outdoors needs to be well prepared any time they head out into the wilderness. It is important to think ahead and to choose the right equipment. Thinking and planning are an important step in creating a good trip to the outdoors. The first item which should be considered is clothing. […]

Canoe Camping Is A Wonderful Experience

Imagine this: you are smoothly gliding along a wide sleepy river. In your canoe you have piled up all the camping gear you need to set up camp later on. You set your paddle into the river and glance up. Ahead of you is a beautiful mountain range, and on each side of the river, […]

How to Entertain Kids When on a Camping Trip

Going on a camping trip can definitely be a fun way to spend some time with your entire family. It’s a great way to bring everyone together in order to spend some quality time with family and friends. However, so many children enjoy the luxuries of home when it concerns internet, phone, and television. So […]

Summer Camping can Pose Health Risks in Pets

In many ways animals are like humans. Such as, we all enjoy going camping, but more importantly, the fact that we all need to stay hydrated is the biggest way that we are the same. When humans do not hydrate properly they become susceptible to dehydration and heat stroke. Animals also suffer from these symptoms […]

Considerations to Make When Camping With Older Adults

Some may think that camping tents and being in the outdoors is only for young people. However, camping can be fun for anyone no matter their age. People of all ages can enjoy the beautiful parts of nature. Fishing and camping are great activities to experience and there are many new and improved pieces of […]