Stealth Camping – What Is Involved

What is Stealth Camping? The art of camping undetected, secretly finding a location, setting up camp and then slipping away completely unnoticed. Used mainly by military commando’s on secret missions, this has become very popular among the average citizen.

Creating a private campground of your own, located in a highly inconspicuous place, remaining hidden at all times and leaving no trace that you were ever their takes enormous skill and training. Those trained in military tactics should find this relativity easy. For the average person, a course from a qualified survival school may be a necessity. This is not just another day at the campground.

While stealth camping is not for everyone, those who dare to try it will find it both challenging and extremely rewarding. While this type of camping will surely take some getting used to, I personally can not think of a more challenging experience.

Having the proper gear is a must, such items as a neutral colored or camouflaged tent, lightweight sleeping bag, prepackaged and ready to eat meals, and lighting that is low visibility. Red lens flashlights or compact lanterns work well for keeping oneself hidden during twilight hours.

Be sure to check local laws as this may be illegal in some areas. Your local police or sheriffs office should be able to guide you, a check with state police can also provide you with valuable information.

After making sure you are in compliance, you need a location to do your stealth camping. Check with local campgrounds or even large ranches may offer some locations for your overnight experience.

When you have a location setup, you need to know what to expect while camping in this area. Snakes, Scorpions, Bears or other wild or dangerous animals can cause a really bad experience. If allowed, and you know how to use a firearm properly, this can be included in gear list.

Stealth camping is encouraged in many places around the world, illegal in others and disliked in most. But for those willing to give it a try, it’s an incredible way of spending a night in the outdoors.

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