Six Tips For Family Tent Camping

Everybody can use a few tips every now and then, these tips will help keep you and your family happy and safe while being kind to mother nature on your next trip outdoors.

1. Don’t trench around your tents, instead pick well-drained locations in the first place.
Always choose the proper place to set up your tent and campsite. Digging a trench around your tent and hoping this will divert water during a rain storm is a halfhearted attempt. During a heavy rain, the trench will fill up in a very short time. This can cause the excess water to flow unevenly and is usually worse than no trench at all.

2. Keep everyone together on the same trail, around camp, scouting sites or side trips.
Having everyone in your group stay together is just common sense. No one wants any member to get lost, while hiking or site seeing.

3. Don’t destroy vegetation for firewood or to make room for your tent.
Always be mindful of the environment, what you take away may take years to come back. Never use chemicals to kill vegetation, cut green wood for fires. Do your best to keep nature intact for you and others that follow.

4. Do all your soapy washing at least 100 feet from lakes and streams, even if you’re using biodegradable soap. Soap will easily kill fish and other creatures that live in the water. Soap can also make animals sick and can also be deadly to smaller animals. Biodegradable soaps are great for the environment, but they still take time to break down and become inert. Be smart and friendly to nature.

5. Camping on a beach can reduce your impact on the environment.
Maybe, but not always, depends on how you camp. If your what is known as a light camper, camping on the beach can be very ecological. As with any campsite, don’t leave trash, disturb your natural surroundings, like moving big rocks that may be controlling erosion or digging up plants and trees.

6. Don’t wash dishes directly in a stream or lake. Microbes still persist in the water.
Although you may think you get your dishes and cookware clean by washing them in a lake or stream, when rinsing, the water you are using could contain many unknown Microbes. Just as you would not drink water out of a stream without purifying it first, you should not clean your cookware this way either.

Always put safety first, Always be prepared!