Sick and Tired of Canvas Tents that Won’t Stand Up

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Get a Canvas Tent that Works for You

If you love camping, you’ve probably felt the pain of spending a lot of money on a inferior tent, only to have to throw it away a few months later after it turns into a useless pancake. You probably thought you were buying a tent that would last forever, but you’re left with a pile of broken poles and ripped fabrics that leaves you with the feeling you got duped again.

We have the tent you are longing for.. a hand crafted tent with absolute precision to provide perfectly distributed weight, and stability. And it comes with a …

Kodiak warranty

Look Great in the Outdoors

Let me explain just how we’re able to provide this rock solid guarantee that very few even dare to offer. First, you need to know what Kodiak Canvas Tents look like. I know that looking good is important, and our tents do look good, but quality and safety is our first priority. After all, a beautiful piece of camping gear isn’t very good if it can’t hold up to the rigors of the outdoors.

Offered in White / Gray color scheme

kodiak canvas tents

White & light grey help keep you cooler on warm sunny days, while the Khaki & Green screen tent blends in naturally with your surroundings.

Sized to Fit Your Needs

Flex – Bow models are available in 8′ x 9′, 10′ x 10′ & 10′ x 14′. Our cabin tents are sized in 10′ x 14′ with additional accessories available.

kodiak tent sizes

Easy Setup!

Unless you want to spend more time than necessary setting up your camp site, you must absolutely must have a quick setup tent. Not all brands can offer this type of framing system. One that makes your camping trip a whole lot easier. Just roll it out, stake it down, insert polls and a single person can raise up the tent.

American Design makes the Difference

Designed from an earlier patents, Kodiak took the best ideas, added a few improvements, and behold, the Flex-Bow was born. Our cabin tents are built using a proven design incorporated through out centuries of tent making. Along with superior design innovations, Kodiak uses cotton grown right here in the USA for their fabrics. A much better fabric than most other manufactures. In fact, it’s even Trade Marked, Hydra-Shield!, A 100% cotton duck, marine-grade fabric. It features a special weave, including two threads tightly twisted together for excellent strength, and a very high degree of durability. Along with this super tight weave, a high quality dry-finish silicone treatment makes this fabric watertight, yet breathable.

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