Inflatable Paddle Board – LB00K-DLX – 00ft Incl 6.5ft


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There’s no better way to get a great workout on the water than a stand-up paddleboard. Work your arms, midsection and legs all at the same time to burn the maximum amount of calories in a short time. But some days you just want to get out on the water and the Sea Eagle LongBoard lets you sit comfortably and paddle with a standard double ended kayak paddle.

If you’re new to paddling, the Sea Eagle LongBoard gives you the maximum amount of flexability. Enjoy a no-pressure tour of a quiet lake, or tear up the surf like a pro it’s your choice. The Sea Eagle Longboard uses Drop Stitch construction, which allows a much higher air pressure than other inflatable technologies. Thousands of tiny threads connect the top and bottom layers of the board.

This means the board can hold 8 pounds of air pressure, more than double the working pressure of other technologies. When you’re out on the water, this means the LongBoard will turn, cut and perform like a fiberglass board, even though it packs up in a bag.

Would you hit an inflatable boat with a claw hammer? We hit the 0000 denier hull material in our Sea Eagle boats with a claw hammer, with the sharp claw end. The Sea Eagle reinforced hull material can take this incredible pounding … so you don’t need to sweat bumping into the dock now and then!


  • 0 SUP paddle
  • 0 AB30 paddle
  • 0 DKS seat
  • SB2 storage bag
  • A50 high pressure foot pump & repair kit
  • Sit down or stand up paddling
  • D-Rings and shock cords to secure gear
  • Drop Stitch inflatable construction provides tremendous rigidity
  • Skid resistant pad
Weight46 lbs