Screen Tent Tips – Garden Parties

How Your Garden Party Can Greatly Benefit From Using A Screen Tent

All though many people use umbrellas or canopies for their garden parties or barbeques to provide shade or rain protection, in most circumstances, a screen tent can be a better choice. It can solve some of the strongest problems you face when having a garden party, like bugs and wind. Although the screen is porous, it will help slow down the wind and keep all those bugs from biting you or eating your food.

What can a screen tent do that a canopy can’t.

#1. Better wind protection
#2. Better protection against rain
#3. Better protection against insects

#1. Better wind protection
On windy days, food is exposed under a canopy, the best screen tents come with a feature know as aprons, these panels can be used in a variety of ways including: Extended out for use as an awning, placed in the closed position by use of the zippers or rolled up to use as a normal screen tent. In a screen tent, you will be relativity safe from the wind, reduces the chances of dirt into your food and helps keep plates or cups from being blown over.

#2: Better protection against rain
A canopy only protects you from rain that is coming straight down. Heavy winds will blow the rain at an angle and your guest could get wet. With a screen tent that features the moveable panels, you can control blowing rain and keep your garden party warm and dry.

#3: Better protection against insects
One of the most annoying garden party problems is insects, flies in search of food or mosquitoes in search of you and your guest can be a major problem. A canopy does nothing to solve these types of problems. But when you use a screen tent, you can simply shut the doors and you and your guests can enjoy your barbeque or buffet without having to share it with insects.

You may also opt to use both during your party since it’s not recommended to Bar-B-Que inside a screen tent. This is where a canopy can come in handy. Use the canopy for the the barbeque grill, if needed, and everyone can gather in the screen tent for the actual meal.