Screen Tent – 5 Things to Consider When Buying

In this article we are going to look at a few things to consider when reviewing and purchasing a new screen tent. You must look for features that fit your needs and you will enjoy for years to come. Having a budget in mind will help you narrow your choices. Let’s get started by checking the most important features for your new screen tent.

#1. Usage:
Deciding what your new screen tent will be used for can help you choose the correct one for your application. Will it be used for picnicking? Backyard Bar-B-Ques, maybe a party or eating area on a camping trip. Their many uses and having knowledge of it’s use will help in making your choice.

#2. Size:
Size is probably the most important decision when buying a new screen house. The capacity will be based on the total square footage or area of the tent. The size should be determined by what you plan to use the tent for. If you plan to use the screen tent for picnics, you may want to be able to place it over an existing park table. If you plan to use it while camping, you may want a extra large one that will accommodate a eating table and have room for relaxing with folding lounge chairs.

#3. Assembly:
Most screen tents are fairly simple to setup, but some are much easier than others. New designs with what is know as Insta frames, such as the Deluxe Screen Tent by Trek, are by far the easiest and quickest to set up. For standard frame models, look for ones that have shock corded poles. This helps keep the poles from getting mixed up.

#4. Fabric:
Their will always be a debate over which fabric is best, Canvas has been used for over a hundred years and for many is a good and popular choice. Nylon is relativity new compared to canvas, but you will find most screen tents are made with this for several reasons, one being weight and another is cost. When treated properly, canvas tents will likely outlast the nylon models. Keep in mind that canvas products are usually about twice the weight and require much stronger poles, but are generally much more durable and secure.

#5. Weight:
Screen tents made from Nylon are lighter and only require lightweight poles for frames. This make them the overall leader in the weight category. Canvas models are usually equipped with steel poles due to the additional weight of the fabric.

Additional Considerations:
Their are lots of different models available with a myriad of features. Having a fly can help on wet days and also keep the screen tent cooler on warm sunny days. Some models have side curtains incorporated onto the tent.

These can be used as side walls like a camping tent, rolled up to allow full air flow or used as awnings for additional shade. Such models can also be used to replace your camping tent if no floor is required. Almost all screen tents do not have a sewn in floor like a traditional camping tent. This allows one to setup over fixed park tables. Some models will have a snap in floor option for those who really need this feature.

Choosing your new screen tent wisely will ensure years of use and enjoyment for you, family and friends.