A Rocket Stove for Less Than $6.00?

rocket stove

Building a rocket stove doesn’t have to be hard, all it really takes is 4 concrete blocks at a cost of around 6 bucks.

Pick up a few sticks, twigs and leaves, start the fire, and your really to cook. All the heat is funneled up through the block chambers, creating a massive funnel of hot air. The good thing about rocket stoves is they need very little fuel. Make sure your blocks are dry to prevent cracking. Do not over heat.

Video Source: desertsun02 on YouTube

If a rocket stove isn’t your style, and you like regular ol’ campfires, read our article on starting a campfire. Lets face it, carrying concrete blocks around isn’t fun.

Rocket stoves are great for home use when you loose power or gas. They are really great for heating homes, boiling water for steam power, but do work very well for cooking too.