Repelling Biting Bugs

Being outdoors means at some time you will have to fight off the pesky bugs that invade your life. Whether out on a camping trip or just picnicking at the park, biting bugs can be just an annoyance or a fight to the bitter end. Applying insect repellent is the most widely used form of repelling bugs, but their are other ways to accomplished a bug free zone.

One suggestion is to use a screen tent and hide inside, another is to use products based with citronella, yet another is to use a clear plastic bag filled with water and bright shiny objects.

A screen tent provides a large enclosed area that remains bug free, but you still may have bugs waiting for you outside. If you need a place to eat or just sit and relax, a screen tent can’t be beat.

Setting up citronella candles or spraying the surrounding area with with a citronella mixture works great unless you have a strong wind.

Lets try the shinny bag method. Get a few good zip lock bags, fill with water and add some shiny materials like bright pennies or small squares cut from Aluminum foil. Place these on your picnic table, hang from trees or even place them on the ground surrounding you.

As the sun light reflects off the objects in the bag, bugs will be confused and tend to stay away. Use a flashlight or lantern at nighttime. Not all bugs will be repelled by the reflecting light, but a major reduction of bugs can be very helpful when having fun outdoors. Be sure to try this out next time your on a camping trip.