Repairing A Screen On A Tent

All camping tents and screen houses will incorporate some type of screening material for windows and doors. From time to time this screening material may become damaged or worn from excessive use. Repairing a small cut or hole in the screen is generally a fairly easy task. Minor damage overcome by using a screen repair kit. If the screen has a large rip or cut, the entire panel may need to be replaced, this can usually be done at your local seamstress, canvas repair shop or even an automotive upholstery shop. The solution is generally a matter of a little work and a small expenditure for the screen repair kit.

First, we must find out the type of screen material being used in your tent. Their are several types of screen netting, made from different materials and possibly different weaves. Repair kits will generally work on most types of screens. Most tent screens are made from sheets of poly material, ranging in size from standard to no-see-um. Others are of the woven type using synthetic threads, these can usually be sewn for the repair. After finding out what type of screen you have, an appropriate repair kit should be ordered.

A large surface, such as a work table or dining table will suffice as a work area, you may place old newspapers or rags to protect the table surface. Lay out your tent with the problem screen exposed. Locate problem area and open repair kit. Unfold screen from kit, start with one corner and place this over the defective area overlapping by at least two inches in every direction.

Cut the repair material to the proper size, with tent screen completely flat, apply the screen repair adhesive, making sure it is an evenly coat affected area. Applying too much adhesive can make the repair not stick as well as needed. Place repair patch over affected area being careful to center correctly. Gently apply force to the patch until contact has been thoroughly achieved. Place a covered book on top of the patch and press down firmly and hold for about 30 seconds.

Wait for the specified about of time, giving the adhesive a chance to dry (this should be stated on the screen repair kit). After the adhesive has set for the specified amount of time, check the repaired area to make sure a proper bond has occurred. Gently press on the repaired area and look for any spots that may not have adhered properly. You should repeat the process if any defects in the repair are found.