Tips For Pitching Your Tent Successfully

Before pitching your tent, be sure to read and understand the instructions that came with your tent. Familiarize yourself with all parts before proceeding. Once you have all parts set out and ready to assemble, follow the guidelines carefully in the instruction manual.

Choose a suitable site. A level grassy area is best. Start by clearing the area where the tent will be located. Remove twigs, branches, broken glass or anything that could damage the floor. Begin setup by rolling out or unfolding the tent. Lay out your poles in the proper areas. Be careful not to step on the poles as this can bend or break the poles.

Stake one corner of the tent and proceed to the opposite corner. Pull tent taught, but do no stretch tent. The floor needs to be able to flex and you should not get this too tight. Proceed to the remaining corners and stake these. After all corners are staked, stake all other loops being careful not to stretch to tightly.

Now you are ready to install all the supporting poles. Follow your instruction guide to assemble as required. Be careful not to stretch to tightly when extending the poles as damage to tent loops and fabric can occur. Open your tent and look it over to make sure everything is setup correctly.

Now enjoy your new tent and follow these tips to make every camping trip a success.

Always find the most level and softest area to setup.
Clean area to prevent damage to tent floor.
Never stretch to tightly the floor or walls as this may result in damage.
Always use all stake loops.
Always use guy wires if included.
It is preferable to use your rain fly if so equipped, this protects against sudden storms and provides shade.