How to Make Backpacking Trips Memorable and Successful

Backpacking trips can be fun and exciting as well as memorable and successful. While backpacking, you can chose to only go for a day-trip or overnight. You can even go for days, weeks and months at a time. It is up to you and your experience level. No matter how long you choose to go backpacking, you must remember that much planning is needed in order to stay safe as well as prepared for any event or weather that you may encounter. You need to have everything from backpacking tents and sleeping bags to food are necessary. However, with backpacking you will need to make sure that your load is light.

If you are just beginning in the hiking adventures, you will want to make sure that you do not try to do too much on your first, second or even third trip out. It is important to build some experience before even staying one night out backpacking. It is also a good idea to talk to other hikers about trails they have been on, what types of backpacking tents and gear are good to use and any experiences that they have had that can help you in having a successful trip.

Once you find out where you want to go and you have ample experience, packing your bag is highly important. This backpack will hold everything that will keep you fed, keep you dry and keep you safe. This means that you will want to write out a plan for meals so that you will have only what you need. However, add in one extra meal in case of an emergency. All food should be fairly light in weight and simple to fix. You should also have plenty of water and even pack along a few water purifying tablets. You never know what you may encounter while backpacking. Once you have you food and water, you will need backpacking tents and sleeping bags.

Backpacking tents and sleeping bags will keep you dry and warm during the possibly cool nights. Having a flashlight, bug repellent and sunscreen are also good items to take along with you. Keep in mind that while backpacking, the idea is that everything you need is strapped to your back. This means that you will want to keep a pack that is as light as possible but holds everything you need. Backpacking can be memorable and successful when you pack properly and make a plan.