Kids Camping Gear

What should you bring for the kids on your next camping trip?

Children and young adults require a little extra thought about what they require for a happy and fun filled camping trip. Kids tend to get bored easily, hand held games are great for traveling, but these should be put away when the camping begins. Every kids needs to be able to explore all that nature has to offer.

A good set of binoculars can provide hours of enjoyment. These come in many magnification powers and adjust to fit just about everyone.

Young children may be happy with coloring books, crayons, paper and pencils. Small toys suitable for the outdoors will be useful too. Board games are great for travel too.

If your camping in a large area, play tents are fantastic to bring along. Kids love to act like the grown ups and may enjoy a tent of their own.

A battery powered lanterns or flashlight of their own. Your children will be much safer in the dark and have much more fun too with their own light. Don’t forget to bring extra batteries.

Kids size furniture is always a good idea, things like folding chairs, benches and toddler seats.

Even though your kids may be hungry, you know they still won’t eat just anything. A good supply of hot dogs, trail mix, marshmallows and favorite foods will make your camping trip a lot easier. Carry plenty of clean water for drinking and washing up.

Lastly, a good first aid kit is a must with kids around and have all the necessary tools to patch up any scrapes and bruises. A list of all the things your kids may require will help your family to have a safe and fun filled camping trip.