Heart Healthy Benefits of Camping

Camping is not just about throwing up a tent and relaxing. Most campers find much more enjoyment in their trip with other activities such as hiking, backpacking, grilling and even hunting. After the campsite is setup, its time to do a little exercise in the fresh air. Going for a brisk walk or hiking down the many trails available at most campgrounds, is an excellent way of getting that needed exercise.

A few activities while camping.

Walking / Running
Tag Football
Bike Riding

Get Active
Camping with the kids or grand kids can be exercise in its self. Children will usually keep you busy with playing games or other activities. Bring your walking shoes, take a walk and enjoy nature at it finest.

Be Creative
Campgrounds may have a lot of activities setup for you. Amenities like basketball courts, hiking trails and sight seeing tours are just a few of the activities a modern campground can provide. Some may even provide gyms for their customers. Think of the things you enjoy and try to incorporate them into your trip.

Eating Healthy
Grilling can be heart healthy too. Sliced peppers, corn on the cob. potatoes and fish fillets are all good for you and easy to cook on any grill. Most campgrounds will have open pits for grilling, you may prefer a small charcoal or gas portable grill, these are a great accessory on any outing.

Family Health
What is good for you is also good for the whole family. Lead by example, by teaching your kids, grandchildren and other family members the importance of eating well and getting regular exercise, you will help them develop healthy habits for a lifetime.

Whatever your age, a well rounded camping trip will provide the exercise and activities you need to help protect your heart. Consult your doctor for authorization or more information.

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