Having Fun Camping with the Grandchildren

If you are having the grand-kids over for the weekend, you have to have some fun activities planned. Kids get bored easily. To keep them interested grandparents try all kinds of things including making tents out of blankets in the living room. Why pretend to camp? Take the grand-kids on a real camping trip and you will all enjoy the time.

If you want to try tent camping with the little ones, make a trial run in the back yard. Kids don’t always understand the meaning of camping; they don’t realize they will not be in their cozy little beds but out in the fresh air. So having a trial camping experience should give them an understanding of what a real camping trip will be like.

Once you have the backyard camp out and it worked out good, make plans for a real camping trip. Let the kids be part of the planning. Make a list of the items they need to bring with them. If you will be near a fishing spot, they need their little fishing poles and tackle boxes. If you plan to swim, they need swim suits. Don’t forget the sunscreen and hats for all of you.

Kids like hot dogs and burger cooked outside. Take the food they like, not the food you prefer. A fancy steak is adult food for another trip. Get a big bag of marshmallows for after dinner. Make sure you explain to the kids that sticks are for marshmallow cooking, not to play with.

Don’t let them wander around too far from camp. Keep an eye on things constantly. Take them on hikes through the woods or sit under a big oak tree and tell age appropriate stories. Have them look for certain leaves or rocks and start a collection.

Teach the kids the proper way to leave the area, no trash should be left on the ground. This is a good opportunity to teach them about the environment. Explain why we have to protect the woods and rivers for the next generation.

Kids will tire easily when they have been playing all day. Just in case they need a little down time, take along some coloring books and crayons. It will keep them busy and quiet for a while.

Taking the grandchildren on a camping trip can be a great adventure for all of you.