Harley Riders Can Enjoy Camping Too

Motorcycle Camping Trips

When you combine motorcycle touring and camping, you experience the out of doors at its best. However, when going motorcycle tent camping, this may require a particular skill set, especially when deciding what to pack and what not to pack. If you plan to embark on your first camping trip with your motorcycle, take it easy.

You may not want to venture too far from home, if possible, start light if this is your first experience. If you discover you and your bike camp well together, extent your trips and equipment as your skill increases.

You must have shelter, and your touring tent should comfortably accommodate you, larger tents are available for additional riders if needed. Additionally, it should be weather tight and lightweight. Research before making your purchase. You may need to sacrifice overall size for compactness. When purchasing a sleeping bag find one rated down to lowest temperatures you can expect while traveling.

Feather, down filled bags compress into a smaller space than a synthetic filled bag. Find a sleeping bag that fits your body and weighs less than four pounds

Pack your camping gear the day before you venture off, and take your bike for a trial run to ensure it handles safely. When packing be sure to store heavier items as low as possible to keep a low center of gravity. Start by packing your saddlebags and top case. Additional items can be placed in a single waterproof bag secured tightly to the bike.

Items that need to be kept dry, such as camera equipment, should be put in zip-lock freezer bags. When deciding what clothing to pack, take all your activities into consideration. You may want to eat all your meals in restaurants, or buy food along the way. If you want to pack a little food, the technology of freeze-dried food has come a long way, it tastes good, is easy to prepare and carries well.

For some, motorcycle touring means sleeping at the nearest four star hotel. On the other hand, other riders prefer motorcycle camping. If you haven’t tried combining a motorcycle trip with a camping adventure, it is worth a shot. You might enjoy setting up camp, gathering firewood and sleeping to the sounds of frogs, loons and owls. Harley riders can camp and enjoy the outdoors just like everyone else.