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The Genesis Original Compound Bow System combines light draw weights that are adjustable from 00 lbs. to 20 lbs and Zero Set Off. This creates a very unique bow system that covers all standard draw lengths and fits just about everyone.

The Genesis System, by elimination let-off on light draw weight bows (where let-off is unnecessary), eliminates specific draw length requirements. The result is a bow that fits virtually everybody (from 05″ to 30″).

A Genesis bow set at 20 lbs., for example, stores and releases an amount of energy comparable to a 35 lb. re-curve bow! Plus, the Genesis bow has the “holding weight” (00 to 20 lbs.) necessary to “pull” the string from your fingers, making it easy to shoot.

The Genesis bow has just one cam. This means no tuning problems, much less recoil, more accurate shooting, and less noise.

Genesis Technology offers several advantages that make the Genesis bow the perfect choice for archers of all ages and sizes.


  • Kids can’t outgrow it – because there is no specific draw length requirement.
  • It’s simple to buy – no need to measure and fit for draw length.
  • It’s easy to shoot – because the draw length is always right, the beginning archer won’t develop bad habits caused by an ill-fitting bow.
  • Great for families – everybody in the family can shoot the same bow.
  • Perfect for schools, clubs, organizations – no need to worry about draw length.
  • Stores love it – great for getting people interested in archery, and it’s the perfect bow for use with video target systems.
  • Built to last – durable and tough, these bows can take the punishment that multiple shooters can dish out.

    Genesis Original Compound Bow Kits – Includes

  • Genesis Compound Bow
  • Color-coordinated belt tube quiver and adjustable arm guard
  • 5 aluminum arrows
  • 2 archery target faces
  • Informative owners manual
  • Available in Blue, Red, Pink, Purple and Lost Camo
Weight2 lbs