Fun Activities While Camping

We all know how much fun a camping trip can be, cooking on the open fire, taking slow walks or just friendly conversation with family and friends. Some of the more popular activities are fish fry’s, hiking trails, many different outdoor games like Badminton, hide and seek for the kids and card games for the adults.

There is more to family tent camping then sitting by a campfire telling ghost stories. There is a great world beyond that canvas tent. One that should be explored once you set up your camping sight. Sure, roasting ‘Smores is fun and yummy, or outdoor games, but there is a world to see out there.

Discover what is outside of the access roads by going for a hike. The best views of the campground can be seen if you wander a little further then the dirt paths. Make sure to bring along a picnic lunch so when you stumble on that deserted field. You and your family can enjoy a fun lunch together with nothing but you and the wild flowers.