Freeze Dried Foods For Camping

Whether you enjoy camping, backpacking or other sports that take you away from home, quality camping food is an important consideration. One of the problems with most foods is that they require special care and are heavy to carry. While those who camp in trailers may find it possible to use refrigerators and stoves that are smaller versions of those found in the home, tent campers and back packers often need foods that are easier to store.

Freeze dried foods require no refrigeration. Ready to eat foods allow you to provide nutritious meals for your camping party without resorting to cooking over a campfire or carrying a bulky camp stove.

Freeze dried foods offer several advantages over fresh for camping food, especially when in the outdoors. Freeze-drying removes the moisture from the food while preserving most of the nutritional value. Without moisture, food borne pathogens cannot grow on the food. In fact, many of these packets of food have a shelf life of up to 25 years. In addition, removing the water from food reduces both weight and volume.

These foods are ideal for backpackers where every ounce of weigh can count. Once the foods are dried, they are packaged in heat-sealed packets that are waterproof. This means that even if you are caught in a sudden downpour, your food remains safe inside the sealed envelope until you are ready for re-hydration.

When mealtime comes, the only preparation needed for these ready to eat foods is the addition of water and a little heat. Once water is added, the food begins to absorb the water and form a meal. These meals are ready to serve after a few minutes of soaking time. If a fire is handy, the user may decide to heat the food for a hot meal, but eating cold provides all the needed nutrition.

Other ready to eat foods require no preparation at all. These foods can be consumed without addition of water or cooking at all. The foods include crackers, cookies and other foods packaged to last for many years. They make the perfect snack while on the trail or in a campsite.

In addition to serving as camping foods, these foods are perfect for your emergency preparedness. The same qualities that make them a good choice for the backpacking trail make them perfect for long-term storage. Their long shelf life means you do not need to rotate a stock of canned foods continually.

Simply store the packets in their plastic buckets along with the water needed for re-hydration. When the emergency strikes, the foods can be re-hydrated to meet the family’s needs. If a heat source is still available, the foods can be served hot, but if not, they are safe, healthy and nutritious to meet the needs of a family.

Whether looking for camping food for your next trip or a year’s supply of food for emergency preparedness, freeze-dried foods offer one of the best options. They provide a long shelf life and easy storage. When time comes to use the food, preparation is easy even without heat.