Food to Pack For a Camping Trip

Camping trips are fantastic way to bond with family and friends as well as relieve yourself from stress. But there are a few things you need to know before you embark on your journey. Such as, what equipment and what food to bring on your trip.

The types of food your bring with you is quite important, especially if your planning on camping out somewhere that is quite far away from civilization. You will want to bring foods that do not form a giant mess that is difficult to clean up. You’ll probably also want to bring simple foods, that only require boiled water to prepare.

You should also consider the fact that fresh food can spoil if not eaten or kept in a cooler. Packing food that will last the duration of your trip is important. A good way to achieve this goal is by bringing along a cooler and consuming the most perishable foods first, also avoid bringing along fresh or frozen poultry or other meats. Avoid wasting your money on frozen meats or vegetables, because cooking them over a fire is often very tedious and usually results in failure, plus the taste is often terrible.

Try to plan ahead as far as possible, decide which foods you will be needing and how to cook them. Simple foods are always better, such as hot dogs or oatmeal. Oatmeal only requires boiled water and a flavoring such as sugar to make a delicious breakfast. So, you should bring a good amount of oatmeal on your trip.

You must also consider the fact that preparing food results in dirty dishes. You will be needing a dish soap or wipes to clean your dishes. You should also carry bottled water with you, if you do not bring bottled water you could bring purification tablets and boil water over the fire.

In conclusion, remember to plan ahead and avoid bringing frozen meats with you. Good luck camping!