Finding The Best Large Family Tent

Choosing a tent with enough of the quality features and durability needed to stand up to use by the entire family can be quite the challenge. Navigating through so many options may leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed. With a few simple steps you will be more easily able to successfully complete your search and locate the family tent that is best suited for meeting all of your needs.

A focused approach to finding your best option for a family tent will give you the results you seek. Attending to all of the details and addressing each issue will give you the opportunity to make use of the best options and items. Finding your family camping tent will be easier than you had thought.

Tent Features, Options and Design Selection

Cabin Style Tents

A cabin style tent is a classic that remains popular to this day. This tent is built around an upright design employing easy access, and near vertical walls that are able to provide the maximum interior space. Additional features like room partitioning or an awning will give you the chance to make your entire family as comfortable as possible.

Dome and Geodesic Tents

Boasting an easier time deploying and setting up, these tents make use of lightweight and flexible poles that are threaded through the fabric of the tent itself. Superior wind resistance and fast deployment come at the expense of some of the interior room available with a cabin style family tent. Should the wind be an issue you are concerned with, this style of tent can offer you effective shelter despite windy conditions.

Geodesic tents are similar to their dome counterparts, however they make use of a different pole configuration, giving them an extra degree of wind resistance. Both styles of tent are very lightweight, and collapse into a surprisingly small package. These are ideal choices should your camping trip involve hiking or backpacking, as they will be less weight to carry and still provide you with superior shelter.

Ridge Tents

The traditional tent, triangular in shape and supported by two vertical poles at either end with a length of cord between them. While sturdy tents and able to offer plenty of headroom along the center line, they lack for living space and can be overly cramped with too many occupants. Less advantage may be found with ridge tents than with some off the other, more modern designs.

Hoop or Tunnel Tents

Lightweight, spacious and strong, these tents are designed to combine the best features of both ridge tents as well as dome tents. Employing on average three hoops, they are able to support walls, roof and an entrance at either end to provide increased ease of access. Such tents may be the ideal compromise between the lightweight dome and the more spacious ridge tents.

Size and Occupancy for Your Family Camping Tent

Deciding on the size of your tent and how many people that it will need to hold comfortably is an important early step in your search. When on the move or in the wilderness, the tent is your home. Being unable to sleep comfortably can make the entire experience less enjoyable for everyone.

An important consideration for any tent purchase is that the number of occupants given by the tent manufacture is based on the size of a narrow sleeping mat. A tent spacious enough to house your entire family comfortably may need to be much larger than the number provided for it. Taking the relative size of each family member will ensure you are able to seek a tent that is large enough for everyone to fit comfortably into.

Features, Advantages and Other Considerations

Separation and Partition

A way to partition off individual areas within the tent will increase privacy and give you an advantage when trying to keep things organized. Additionally, extra space and rooms will give you the chance to more effectively store your gear. Keeping everyone comfortable and everything organized is only possible when you have selected a large enough tent, and one with the right features.

Room enough for everyone to stand will ensure that you will be able to avoid feeling cramped when spending more time inside of it. A tent spacious enough to provide everyone sufficient area to enjoy games and other activities can save you from boredom should your camping trip suffer from a rainy day. All of these are important considerations when selecting a tent of sufficient size for your family.

Setup and Access

Purchasing a tent that will not cause you any issues during deployment will depend on your resources. If you have assistance from other family members, or if set up time is less of an issue you will not have to concern yourself overly with your options. However, if you can expect no help with the setup, and it is getting dark at the end of a long day: fast and effective set up can be the most important feature.

Ventilation and Environmental Conditions

Poorly ventilated tents will cause condensation. A lack of proper waterproofing will cause further issues in inclement weather. Staying as warm and dry as you would like is something that you would do well to consider during purchase of any large family tent.

The Importance of Finding a Quality Family Tent

The tent you choose will be responsible for housing and protecting your family from the elements, as such it would be to your advantage to ensure you only purchase a quality tent that is able to meet all of your needs. By considering your options in terms of design, portability, interior room and ease of deployment you will have a much easier time finding the test best suited for the needs of your and your family. Addressing any environment issues or concerns and keeping an eye out for the features that have the most to offer you will give you a tent that is able to provide your family with superior comfort when camping or spending time out doors.