Exploring Beyond Your Camping Tent

There is more to family tent camping then sitting by a campfire telling ghost stories. There is a great world beyond that canvas tent. One that should be explored once you set up your camping sight. Sure, roasting ‘Smores is fun and yummy, but there is a world to see out there.

Discover what is outside of the access roads by going for a hike. The best views of the campground can be seen if you wander a little further then the dirt paths. Make sure to bring along a picnic lunch so when you stumble on that deserted field.

beyond campsite

You and your family can enjoy a fun lunch together with nothing but you and the wild flowers. To make the hike more fun for younger kids, do a scavenger hunt along the way. Pine cones, rocks or branches of wood could be some easy to find things on their list. Make it more challenging for older children by having them search for animal tracks. Or consider follow the leader and let the younger ones lead where you will be heading on your hike.

Is there a lake or river near by? Get your fishing gear together and head on down to the river to catch some fish. You can take them back to sight or throw them back in, the choice is yours! Nothing is more relaxing then a day casting your reel. If fishing is not your thing, see if kayak rental is available and take a lazy river ride down the river. Paddling is optional! Of course, you can avoid rental fees by bringing your own water tubes. Tie them together so you and your whole family can stick together.

Go bird watching. There are many species of birds that you will not see in your backyard at home. Here is your chance to see them.

Spend the night outside of your tent. Pull those sleeping bags out and star gaze. The city lights will not get in the way of seeing millions of stars. Be sure there is no rain in the forecast or this could get a little wet.

See what is available to you in the area. Horseback riding is a fun way to explore the outdoors. Local farms may have apple picking or animal viewing and petting available to you.

Many campsites have activities scheduled throughout the day. From ice cream socials to comedy nights. It is a great way to meet your fellow campers and for your children to make new friends. Be sure to check to see what activities are available for your family at check in.

Camping can be fun, relaxing and adventurous. Go out and enjoy yourself!