Every Outdoor Activity Needs A Canopy

Trees are natural canopies. Street vendors, who sell their merchandise in the hot tropical sun, create makeshift canopies. When staging an outdoor event, corporate event planners will frequently make use of a shade canopy. From time to time, you have likely stood under one while attending an outdoor social function. Whether provided by nature, self-made, or purchased, people have always sought the protection of canopies. Modern styles can be supported by a building or stand alone and very portable. They can be constructed with only a roof, or more like a tent without a floor.

Canopies are manufactured in long lasting, fire retardant, easily cleaned fabrics. Frames are usually made of steel or aluminum. A well designed and carefully constructed product is secure, strong, economical and visually appealing. They are available in a wide array of sizes, and can fit onto almost any type of terrain.

Organizations that purchase a portable canopy, to be used at events, frequently have their logo silk-screened on it. Canopies have multipurpose commercial and community uses, and can be seen at festivals, sporting events, concerts and fashion shows. In fact, wherever people gather in the outdoors, you will likely see, and perhaps make use of, a canopy.

Pop up canopies are very popular because they are so easy to set up. They collapse down to a size that is easily moved from place to place. Typically they are anywhere from 10′ x 10′ to 10′ x 20′. They can come in two pieces, the frame and the top or as one solid unit. Steel frames weigh more, but typically cost less. Aluminum frames are considered the better product.

The third, and increasingly more popular frame, is made of fiberglass, which is lighter than steel and almost as strong as aluminum. Most of the time, tops are made of polyester or nylon. If you are going to purchase a canopy you will want to make sure the denier rating is at least 150. Denier is the level of fineness, and the higher the denier rating, the stronger and more water resistance the fabric.

Whether you are planning a wedding, a community barbecue, folk festival or a children’s birthday party, if it is outside, you would be well advised to buy a canopy. If you are in the business of planning events, whether for your company, or as an independent event planner, you should consider purchasing at least one canopy. No outside event is complete without one.