Essential Equipment For Camping Trips

Tents are in essence a shelter from the outdoor extremities. They are made by draping materials over or attaching them to poles or supporting frames or ropes. The camping communities are big users of tents. Tents used by people who backpack are the easiest to carry around as they are light and also inexpensive.

A lot of people today are into outdoor activities. Which is why tents are one of the most in demand outdoor equipment in the present day. Owning a tent has a lot of benefits. Storage and shelter are just few of the common advantages that a tent can offer.

It is essential to bring it while you are on a camping trip because it will serve as your home and can protect you from various elements such as the cold weather, rain and the sun. The following are few information you may want to consider before purchasing one for your camping trip.

Most people use tents made out of synthetics, like nylon. Synthetics may be light and easily available, but they are easy to damage, do not last long, and get hot when un-ventilated in the sun. They also tend to be low to the ground and do not offer much space for storing your stuff. Canvas tents are the alternative.

Canvas tents are very popular due to their versatility and durability. Though canvas tents may seem too old fashioned, there are plenty of advantages to this less glamorous tent. Natural fibers breathe more easily than synthetics. This means that even if you are camped in an open field, the inside of the tent is still ventilated.

Also, it can survive harsh conditions such as heavy rain and snow and forceful winds. Canvas is able to withstand more stress because the seams of this type are stronger than single stitched. Canvas tents are also quite resistant to fire compared to synthetics because tightly woven natural fiber fabrics tend to snuff themselves out, while the latter melts.

The downsides of using canvas for tents are weight and bulk. With the right care, a canvas tent could last a decade or more.