Enjoy Outdoor Events With A Screen House

Warm summer days are filled with parties and laughter, but with this fun comes many uninvited guests, hot sun and pesky insects. From overbearing heat to nosy flies, to buzzing bees and itchy mosquitoes, mother natures least finest elements have a bad habit of crashing many outdoor parties.

Despite efforts to keep food covered and guests comfortable, these pests usually win the battle. Layers of tinfoil, saran wrap and insect repellent frustrate many party goers and leave good food wasted. Clean summer breeze is tainted with the smell of bug spray. Protect guests and summer food from heat and bugs with a screen house and enjoy nature they way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Even a modest summer party can be a financial sacrifice, so when lack of shade and a surplus insects invade an outdoor event, it is bound to cause frustration. Preparation is everything and a screen house can be the preemptive planning a party planner needs for a successful event.

Outdoor foods like hot dogs or burgers and pasta salad served at a barbeque are commonly affected by bugs and sun. Food is prepared in waves and in that process Mother Nature’s affects their quality. A screen tent keeps food cool and safe from hungry, uninvited guests.

High Quality screen tents are available at select online stores and a variety sizes can be purchased for short or long term use. Some purchasers of screen tent never take them down once they are assembled because they can be enjoyed on a regular basis. Dinners outside can be a regular event. A well constructed screen tent is nothing short of adding a portable sun-room to a home or event.

Large screen houses can allow large parties to be contained within the tent and allow for organized arrangements to be set up. Graduations or other large scale parties can be organized with personalized plates and other items to make the event organized and comfortable. Comfort and organization are both key elements in the implementation of a successful, enjoyable party.