Easy Ways To Prevent Condensation Inside A Tent

Sleeping in a tent can be a uniquely pleasant experience. A gentle rain may even sooth your senses as you spend a memorable night outdoors. While the smell and sound of rain may be wonderful, waking up to a wet tent and wet clothes is no way to end your commune with nature.

You can prevent condensation inside a tent by following a few simple instructions, and your tent can remain as the outdoor oasis you desire.

1. Keep your tent environment ventilated. Trapped moisture is what you want to avoid, and you must make sure that the air inside your tent is circulating properly. On a warm night you may leave a slight opening along the top or side windows of your tent. If your tent has mesh vents on the side walls or windows, you may have an easy time of keeping things from getting too moist or wet inside your tent.

A tent that is large enough for several people typically has doors and windows for ventilation. You may use the accompanying velcro strap as a way to keep the vents open. There should be at least one velcro strap near the top part of your tent, and holding just one vent open will make a significant difference in the atmosphere inside your tent.

For tents without little vents, you can prevent condensation from occurring. The zippered vents on the tent sides may be opened slightly at the top, and this will let fresh air in and allow any moist air to escape.

2. Thoroughly air your camping tent during the daytime. Since cool air tends to fall, the best way to get rid of the moist air is by creating a small opening close to the bottom of the doors. This will let the cool air come in, essentially pushing the warm air up and out through the windows and vents at the top part of your tent. This natural air flow will fill your tent with fresh air, and the environment should be ideal once you are ready to go to sleep again.

3. Keep your camping supplies away from the walls. As moisture is most likely to occur on the interior of the walls, placing your supplies a few inches away from the walls will promote better air circulation. This will make a significant difference in the moisture level inside your tent.

These simple instructions may be all you need to remember to keep your tent as fresh and enjoyable as possible.