Don’t Forget the Screen Tent When You Go Camping

Having been a camper since childhood, i have experienced and learned a lot about camping and being outdoors. Most of our camping trips were short weekend mini vacations, with one or two extended stay trips per year. My parents had a Canvas tent from Sears, a Coleman stove and a large cooler for food. Back in those days people did not need much to camp with. It had a huge impact on my life and can on your family’s as well.

There are many great memories of those days, setting up the campsite with my dad and brother. Watching mom get food prepared for the camp stove, ate a lot of wienies and burgers in those days, and the fun of exploring nature.

We would normally camp near lakes or rivers, one of my fondest memories was at Beavers Bend in Oklahoma, at night, what seemed to be thousands of Bats would come out for feeding. This incredible sight will be forever in my memories. Their is nothing better than experiencing nature at it’s fullest, whether fishing by the lake or experiencing something that’s as powerful as a flock of Bat’s.

A couple of the things those days taught me were, bug repellent does not last forever and invest in a screen tent. When we purchased our first screen tent, the whole family was thrilled, now we could sit or play games in comfort without having to worry about bugs.

Fast forward to more recent times and behold the vast amount of gear available to modern day campers. I think one of the best additions i ever made to my line up of camping gear was a screen tent. It’s so pleasing to have a place to eat and relax in total comfort without the worries of flying critters.

One of the best ways to enjoy time with your family is a camping trip. Get away from the stress of everyday life, leave your worries at work where they belong and just enjoy the outdoors.