Different Types Of Knives for Camping

Knives have various applications and are so much a part of our daily lives. There are different types of knives available and the most famous one is the retractable knife. The blade in this knife can be retracted inside of the handle so that it does not harm anyone and can be easily stored when not in use.

This knife is suitable for a wide variety of cutting applications. The length of the blade in this type is about 3-4 inches. The grip comes in different materials but the most common material used for the handle is laminated plastic. Designer knives are made from various materials including silver, animal horn and ivory as well.

Fixed blades are also used by many. The blade is fixed in the handle with the help of screws that help in keeping the blade firm and stable. The length of blades used in this type is more than those used in retractable knives. Majority of designer knives are made with fixed blade.

Cooking or Kitchen Knives

Kitchen or cooking knives are specifically designed for use in the kitchen. These knives are made for different purposes and are available in various types including: ham slicer, cleaver and those for boning and bread slicing. These are the most commonly used among several other varieties of knives.

Cooking knives have blades that are thinner than those used in utility knives. This is done purposely to aid in cutting and slicing various things like meat and other foods.

Precision Cutting Knives

These types have very thin blades. Their blades can be as thin as half an inch. They almost look like a pencil and are also known as thin razor knives. These knives are not suitable in the kitchen but for handicrafts and other special purposes. Thin cardboard and paper can be cut easily with these knifes.

Camping or Combat Knives

Metal alloy is used in the manufacturing of these knives, which is why they are strong and sturdy. They are used as a tool by military personnel and can be used for cutting tough objects. These generally have longer and larger handles and thus maybe difficult for cutting small things. Designer knives that are used for camping have a leather covering.

As there are several different types of knives that are used in your daily life, knowing a bit about them is a good thing. This little information can be important for you to choose a knife when you are looking to buy one.