Cool Weather Sleeping Bags

I was recently asked to recommend a good, warm sleeping bag for less than $100. I proceeded to find out what this person really needed, would they be camping, backpacking or some extreme type of outdoor activity. When he said that the bag may see a variety of different situations, I knew he needed something more than just a standard sleeping bag.

As we talked further, he told me the weather may get down to -10 F, I asked, you aren’t inside the USA, are you? He said no, but that his next journey would take him to Texas, up into Canada and all the way to Alaska. From there, he would travel to Russia, then back home to Australia.

Normally I would suggest a down sleeping bag, but I don’t think you’ll find any for $100, I said. Down has gotten very expensive lately. A synthetic fill was really his only option. Even $100 isn’t going to get you very far if you have to actually hike somewhere or camp outside of your car.

After much deliberation, i suggested a Desert Pine Bag and Trailrest air pad. This combination fit his budget, around $110 and had the benefit of insulating him from the cold ground. With a 0 degree bag, and the comfort of the air pad, i knew he would be happy.

As he came to Texas to visit his family, he received the set up we agreed upon, he seemed very happy with the choices we made. Darrel was his name, at last check, he was on his way up north. I am waiting on him chime in and let us know how everything is going. I hope to update when i have more information.