Choosing The Right Camp Stove

The best choice of a camp stove is one that will solve many needs and perform the function of cooking at a reasonable cost. When camping, their are several types of stoves you can choose from for cooking those outdoor gourmet meals.

Propane Cook Stoves: Propane seems to be the number one choice for cooking outdoors. Propane is readily available in disposal cylinders and large refillable tanks. Stoves that use this type of fuel are easy to maintain, burn cleanly and cook evenly. Propane is normally cheaper to use than other fuels, lights easily with matches, lighters or built in piezo electric igniters. Propane stoves are available in more sizes and styles than other liquid type fuels.

Camp Fuel / White Gas Stoves: This type of stove is commonly know as a Coleman fuel stove and has been used at campgrounds around the world for many decades. A camp fuel stove is still widely used and a family favorite in campgrounds all across the US. This type of stove requires refilling the stove tank from a external can of fuel and also requires the stove tank to be pressurized by hand using the built in pump.

Wood Fuel: A wood burning stove, commonly called a Bar-B-Grill, is used by campers worldwide. This type of stove can be used just like a fuel stove, many campers also grill food directly above the flame for that famous char grill taste. Wood stoves can also use charcoal to cook the family meals with. Wood is readily available is stores that also sell charcoal and can dried wood can almost always be found in and around campgrounds. Not all wood is suitable for cooking, look for common species like oak, pecan, hickory or mesquite.

Solid Fuel: Just about everyone has heard of or used “Sterno” to cook with. Best suited for very small groups or single backpackers and hikers. Packaged in small metal cans with pop off lids, this fuel lights easily with a match or lighter. Not really a stove, Sterno does require a metal wire frame that is used to hold your pots and pans. These usually fold up for compactness and are great for backpacking.

Sizes: Camp stoves are available in many sizes and styles, from a single burner that works great for one or two people to the larger stoves that can incorporate two to four burners, these are better suited for families or large groups.

As you can see, their are many ways to get your meals cooked when camping. Choosing the correct camp stove for your needs is a simple task when you know what to look for.