How to Choose the Proper Sleeping Bag

There are many brands of sleeping pads and sleeping bags on the market and some are more affordable than others. When you go out to buy a new sleeping bag it is important to choose one that suits your needs. First of all, the sleeping bag you choose should keep you dry, warm and cozy.

So lets take a look at a few important factors that you need to take into account when you buy sleeping bags:

The overall shape and size

Remember all bags differ! If you are looking for a bag that offers comfort and warmth then it is worth considering purchasing a mummy sleeping bag. If you intend sleeping outdoors when the weather is chilly then the mummy bag is purpose made for the job. The mummy bag is wider at the top, it narrows as it reaches your feet and it has a hood. These bags offer great warmth on colder nights.

Many people buy rectangular sleeping bags because they do not affect your movement. The mummy bags fit the body snugly but rectangular bags let you move around normally as you sleep. Mummy bags prevent cool air entering the bag but rectangular bags permit fresh cool air to enter the bag and flow around inside.In the past people have rejected mummy bags thinking that once inside of them you have to lay on your back to sleep but this is a myth. After sleeping in a mummy bag for a number of years I know that they keep you cozy and warm whatever the temperature outside.

When folded the mummy bags are remarkably compact and the majority fit inside of a stuff sack. This makes the bags incredibly easy to carry around.

Lets think about the different sizes of sleeping bags that are in the stores. There are bags made especially for children, adult bags and double sleeping bags.

Our children sleep in mummy bags that are specially made for youths and they stay warm and cozy all night. I sleep in a mummy bag that has been especially designed for women, the bag is wider around my hips and it keeps me warm as toast. My husband sleeps in a hooded mummy bag too.

Bags with different temperature ratings

Sleeping bags that have been designed for campers are made to keep you warm when it is cold outdoors.This is why it is important to take note of the temperature ratings on the bags.I do have one handy tip to offer though, only use the temperature ratings as a guide. We have slept in three season camping sleeping bags and I have felt quite chilly.

Many bags state on the label that they are a one size fits all bag, if you tend to feel the cold at night these bags may not be the best buy for you. In general men tend to stay warmer at night, women may struggle as the temperature outside begins to fall.

But remember to try the sleeping bag, if you can, before you purchase one. Examine a mummy sleeping bag, lay it down on the floor of the store and check to make sure that it is long enough and wide enough for your needs. Firms that make these bags don’t make them all in the same way. I am tall but after laying the bag down and trying it out for size I bought a slightly longer one.

You also have to choose whether you want a bag that is filled with down or one filled with synthetic fibers. Backpackers and hikers should buy good quality lightweight sleeping bags.

If you already have a good sleeping bag but it doesn’t keep you as warm as you would like then try buying a sleeping bag liner. These liners are not expensive and they can make your sleeping bag feel much cozier during colder weather.