Check Out Motorcycle Touring Tents

If your hopping to attend the summer event of the year, but all rooms are sold out. You may feel lost, but don’t have too as long as motorcycle camping exist. You may not think this is really uncomfortable, but technology has improved, and even if you are seventeen or seventy, you can enjoy a fun time camping under the stars by using motorcycle touring tents. Maybe this year you too will do a little motorcycle camping?

When I was younger I went backpacking, hiking and auto camping. As time passed I found sleeping on the ground was uncomfortable, there were wasn’t much comfortable camping gear available then. Later, after I had enough money rent a hotel room, instead of roughing it, I thought I would not ever go camping again. This turned out not to be true.

Considering the bad state of the economy and my heightened wish to devote my weekends by going to events by riding my bike, I have decided to sleep under the stars again. It will not be near as rough as previous times, nor as costly. Much has been printed about motorcycle camping, and there are websites just full of information written by experienced riders and outdoor devotees who will divulge to you the many secrets of bike camping.

I am simplistic at heart and this is the key to great motorcycle camping. I select food already pre-made, freeze dried mostly, it is quite simple to prepare meals on the road this way. It is much easier than cooking meals and requires less cleaning of pots and pans. Researching about motorcycle touring tents fairly easy to do on the net, but just about any backpacking tent packs easily onto my bike.

A decent air mattress or air pad as well as a good sleeping bag is essential, it can get chilly at night and comfort is your main priority. With an air mattress, you can carry a very comfortable bed that also packs very compactly, Air pads and foam pads also provide a good sleeping surface, but my may not pack as easily.

Backpacking requires the lightest gear, motorcycle camping requires compactness as well as lightweight gear. Your bike will be limited to what you can carry, usually about 4 – 6 CuFt. of space depending on saddle bags and tail pack. While your choosing your touring tent and pad, this is also a good time to choose your sleeping bag. Knowing the temperature ranges and size of bag are vital to your comfort.

You don’t want to get stuck with a bag that will not keep you warm, or will not fit onto your bike. It is essential that you ask yourself some questions such as do you actually need a tent for 2 or 3 people if it is only you? Are my saddle bags and tail pack completely waterproof? Space is a valuable commodity on motorcycle and the right gear makes everything work together.

You may not be the owner of an adventure bike, and in case your not, do not feel that they are the only ones who can go bike camping. It does not actually matter what you ride as long as your bike can carry what you need for the grand touring adventure.