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Plan Carefully Before Going Camping

Any person who loves the outdoors needs to be well prepared any time they head out into the wilderness. It is important to think ahead and to choose the right equipment. Thinking and planning are an important step in creating a good trip to the outdoors. The first item which should be considered is clothing. […]

Survival Food: Important Information For Families

Survival is contingent on preparing beforehand, even though it can be tough to prepare for every circumstance and type of catastrophe that could hit your home. At times, the best things people can do to prepare before emergencies occur are the items that will permit them and their loved ones the opportunity for more flexibility […]

First Aid Kits – A Camping Necessity

For those who love spending their time outdoors with their family or friends, the importance of first aid kits cannot be overlooked. You never know when one of your family members or a friend will need some medical assistance, in case of an accident. Thus, a first aid kit becomes absolutely essential to give relief […]

Dehydrating Food For Emergencies

Whether you are preparing for the apocalypse, a nuclear disaster, hurricane, snowstorm or flood, the United States Government recommends that you have a three-day supply of food stockpiled before the next disaster. Place this food in an area of your home where it will stay cool and dry. If you will be traveling during winter, […]

Be Prepared at All Times with a First Aid Kit

Have you ever needed first aid? and no supplies to help? Having a first aid kit handy no matter where you are can greatly reduce your chances of further problems. Every manufacturing or repair shop is required to have some sort of emergency first aid supplies, why not your home, garage or work shop? When […]

Using Portable Water Filters – Clean Water Matters

When you’re camping, having clean water is something that many people take for granted. However, you aren’t going to find bottled water or a treated faucet out in the middle of the woods. No matter what you are planning, it is helpful to be prepared for using portable water filters, even when you think that […]