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Purchasing The Right Backpack

Many outdoor enthusiasts prefer internal frame backpacks because they feature a low center of gravity and fit snugly against the back. Individuals selecting a pack for any multi-day trip will want to find a product that holds 4,000 cubic inches or more. Tips for Choosing the Right Backpack The ideal internal frame backpack features: A […]

How to Choose the Proper Sleeping Bag

There are many brands of sleeping pads and sleeping bags on the market and some are more affordable than others. When you go out to buy a new sleeping bag it is important to choose one that suits your needs. First of all, the sleeping bag you choose should keep you dry, warm and cozy. […]

Different Types Of Knives for Camping

Knives have various applications and are so much a part of our daily lives. There are different types of knives available and the most famous one is the retractable knife. The blade in this knife can be retracted inside of the handle so that it does not harm anyone and can be easily stored when […]

Sleeping Bags – What Do I Look For?

No matter if you are a seasoned camper or new to the idea, finding a good sleeping bag is one of the most important pieces of equipment needed for successful camping. There are various things that you should look for before making your final purchase. No two sleeping bags are alike. You will need to […]

Choosing a Large Camping Tent

Recently the market has been offering innovative products that enhances the camping experience for the enthusiastic outdoor person. More effective tools and durable materials are made available to the public. With the proper gear at hand, one can transform an ordinary camping trip into a getaway full of excitement and enjoyment. Whether you are camping […]

Essential Equipment For Camping Trips

Tents are in essence a shelter from the outdoor extremities. They are made by draping materials over or attaching them to poles or supporting frames or ropes. The camping communities are big users of tents. Tents used by people who backpack are the easiest to carry around as they are light and also inexpensive. A […]

Shopping For A Canvas Tent

If you are going out on a camping trip, you need to make certain that you are using good quality equipment to protect your camping party from the elements. During a long camping trip, the weather can change quite quickly and you may find discover that a day that started out beautifully suddenly changes and […]

Consider a Ground Cloth

Do you use a ground cloth for your camping tent? You probably should, for a number of different reasons. These floor protectors help protect your tent floor from rocks and sticks that could cause a puncture or rip in the floor. A ground cloth can also add an extra waterproofing layer to the tent floor. […]

How to Select a New Tent For Your Next Camping Trip

Selection of a camping tent depends on several variables which should not be overlooked. There are tents made for different conditions, and tents made for different purposes. Knowing or at least predicting what conditions will occur during a camping trip will help keep you safe and comfortable. A tent can serve many purposes such as […]