Cast Iron Cookware for Camping

Using Cast Iron Cookware While camping has many advantages over stainless steel or aluminum due to the virtual non stick surface a seasoned cast iron pan features. Cooking with this time honored metal has proven effective for over a hundred years and millions of meals. When cooking over an open fire, cast iron can get extremely hot, as do all metal pans, so make sure you have a set of potholders or heavy duty oven mitts to help prevent anyone from burning themselves or others.

While cast iron is heavy, it’s long lasting durability far overcompensates for the weight of the cookware. One thing to consider is that cast iron can crack if overheated or heated too quickly. It is best to have campfire cooking grate to help steady and keep the pot or pan from crushing the fire.

Cooking with this Miracle Metal:

The easiness of preparing foods can be helped by having ingredients prepared ahead of time, pre-chopped and individually bagged foods can speed up your overall coking time considerably. A properly seasoned pan and foods cooked at the proper temperatures will delight the senses due to flavor retained while cooking.

Cleaning and Care:

Cleaning up the cast iron pans has become an easy task ever since they normally come pre-seasoned. Simply rinse out the pan using hot water and and soft cloth. You can dry by holding it over the fire, but air drying is preferred. A little cooking oil maybe useful to rub on the pan after drying, just like moisturizing your skin is necessary to keep it healthy. A high quality oil like olive or grape seed is preferred. Never use meat oils or grease to season or maintain your cookware as this becomes rancid very quickly.

It is important to remember that cast iron should Never be washed in a dishwasher or scrubbed with harsh soaps. You may be tempted to use a dishwasher as an easy cleaning solution after your camping trip, but keep in mind that this may ruin the non stick coating and require a re-season. When removing smells caused by cooking fish or onions, a plastic scrub brush or sponge with a little oil and salt will work perfectly. Rinse with warm water, dry and your ready for the next meal.

If you are looking for the ultimate cookware for your next camping trip, consider cast iron, you may be pleasantly surprised.