Canoe Camping Is A Wonderful Experience

Imagine this: you are smoothly gliding along a wide sleepy river. In your canoe you have piled up all the camping gear you need to set up camp later on. You set your paddle into the river and glance up.

Ahead of you is a beautiful mountain range, and on each side of the river, the banks are glowing emerald green with abundant plant life.

canoe camping

On the Water

The water you are floating in is completely clear. You can see every pebble at the bottom even though there is eight feet of water. You feel the sun shining on your face. You take a deep breath and let it out. The air is fresh and cool.

A light wind suddenly ruffles the surface of the water, and suddenly the air is filled with cotton wood blossoms that float in the breeze. It looks as if it could be snowing, even though it is early summer. My wife calls these blossoms tree fairies. Maybe it is all the fresh air that makes her so poetic.

Now it is time to get out your fishing rod and finally start to fish on this beautiful stream. You cast, and suddenly you see the water splash up and a big fish seems to shoot straight up in the air.

A big battle ensues between the fisherman and the fish, and in the end, you take the hook from the fish and let it go back into the river.

Heading for Danger

Now you can hear a new sound on the water, a muffled distant roar. Getting near the rapids? A quick look at the map shows that there some class 1’s coming up. We take a moment to make sure all the loose gear on the canoe is properly secured.

As we get closer to the rapids, we figure out how we are going to get through the rocks. We know we need to head for the main channel as our speed starts to pick up.

At the bottom of the channel we have to go a bit to the right where the channel dips into a five foot chute, past an intimidating rock ledge.

Excitement builds as we move through the rapids, twisting and turning. What a thrill it is to slip through the chute and suddenly we end up in quiet water again, ready to find your camping spot.