Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags - Mummy Bags

It doesn't matter if you are an experience camper or you have been planning your first camping trip in some time, having the right sleeping bag for the environment is extremely important. Sleeping bags are not a one type fits all locations kind of an item. Different sleeping bags are designed for different temperatures, so having a general idea of the external temperature before shopping for the right insulation bags is essential. However, whatever it is you need, there is a wide selection right here, all of which are going to keep you warm and comfortable through the coldest nights.

Sleeping bags are certainly one of the highest priority items on your list of things to bring on a camping or overnight backpacking trip. Bags come in two basic shapes; the rectangular shape provides the most room and are very comfortable to sleep in, some rectangular bags are available in double / two person sizes.

The mummy shape, usually more lightweight and form fit to your body, these are the most popular for backpacking and hiking. The tapered shape is wider at the shoulders and tapers down at the foot area. These are contouring the shape of your body.

Temperature ratings are also an important part of your bag choice. Ratings relate to the lowest temperature that a sleeping bag will keep you comfortable. Bags rated at -10 degrees will keep you warm down to that temperature, colder temperatures will require a bag with a lower rating, camping in warmer climates may only require a bag rated at +30 degrees. Temperature ratings are one of the most important things to consideration when purchasing a sleeping bag. Keep you and your family comfortable with the proper sleeping bag.