Propane, Gas & Electric Lanterns

Lanterns, Light Up the Outdoors!

Whether you are going on an extended expedition or you are simply planning a weekend camping trip, you need to have portable lighting equipment. The flash on your cell phone is just not going to do the trick, especially for extended stays. That is why finding the perfect lantern is easy at Practical Sports.

Lanterns are generally broken down into two different categories: electric and propane based. Propane lanterns can produce not only an exceptional amount of light, but they also produce heat as well, which can be desirable. Electric is a bit easier to work with and you can use in the inside of a closed tent.

When you need to light up the night, we have you covered with the best camp lanterns at low prices.

Our selection of lanterns for camping, include standard electric bulb & LED lanterns, dual fuel lanterns that can be used with camp fuel or unleaded gasoline, waterproof lanterns and accessories, is especially chosen for you by testing, as well as customer approvals. After choosing the right lantern for you, be sure to check out our other camping supplies, as well as other great outdoor gear.

You can rest assured of getting quality lanterns by top brands such as, Coleman, Energizer, Century, Texsport and more. Whether you're looking for lanterns for your camp site or a trip to the barn, we've got lanterns and accessories to help meet your needs.

We make it easy to shop and find just the right camp light, by search, brand or price. Choosing from the vast array of brands and styles can be hard. Try and narrow your criteria, such as electric or gas, then by amount of light needed. A standard bulb will generally produce less light and use more energy than an LED bulb. The same holds true with gas lanterns, although there is not much difference between the amount of light due to different fuels, the number of mantels a lantern has will make a huge difference in light, and fuel consumed.

Whatever it is you are looking for though and no matter what sort of situation it is, you are going to find the perfect lighting source for your upcoming camping trip, regardless of the size, price and lighting style that you need. So come check out the selection.